Dr. Reid suffers from a brain injury and, while experiencing hallucinations, is visited by ghosts from his past

The ATF office in Houston is in a glass building in the Beltway Lakes office complex.  I thought government agencies had their own space but they pay rent and have roommates just like everyone else.  Disappointing.  Good thing I don’t pay taxes.  I was shown into a conference room that had four dudes that allContinue reading “Dr. Reid suffers from a brain injury and, while experiencing hallucinations, is visited by ghosts from his past”

Coitus interruptus sounds like some Harry Potter bullshit

So does Ex Fiancé I assume that the old gun is the focus for the redneck magic.  We took all the paraphernalia we could carry just in case.  We burned everything burnable and tossed the gun in the river.  I was feeling pretty good about the night’s work until we got back to the motelContinue reading “Coitus interruptus sounds like some Harry Potter bullshit”

The return of Max Power! I mean Rock Strongo, I mean, whatever . . .

The voice sounded familiar but I didn’t believe my ears until I saw him.  It was none other than celebrity bodyguard/private eye/bounty hunter Lance Blade.   He’s a blowhard douchebag but a competent investigator.  Or maybe he’s not that competent, but he does have lot of fancy tech shit he bought from one of those spyContinue reading “The return of Max Power! I mean Rock Strongo, I mean, whatever . . .”

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase

While I was bleeding on the floor, Bernal took some time to argue with the bar owner about paying for damages that we had caused by getting attacked.   Then he dragged me out of the bar by the arm like a caveman in an old comic strip.  Which is terrible fucking first aid.  If heContinue reading “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase”

Johnny Concussion always gets back up

I’m becoming convinced that this witch-hunter guy doesn’t know anything about magic.  Maybe he knows about it like his sister, but I’m starting think that he’s full of shit instead of magic.   Maybe this witch hunting thing is all crap.  Maybe’s he’s crazy.  Just because magic is real doesn’t mean that someone that thinks magicContinue reading “Johnny Concussion always gets back up”

Which sounds better, cult smasher or cult breaker? Or cult basher?

I worry about going insane.  Or that I already am insane.  It’s possible that there is no such thing as magic and I’m delusional.  Shows say that delusions can result from childhood trauma but the internet says that delusions are caused brain chemistry.    Once magic is happening, how can you know if you’re losing yourContinue reading “Which sounds better, cult smasher or cult breaker? Or cult basher?”

Why does everyone have a hard on for killing witches?

Last night, to get ready for meeting a real witch hunter, I watched Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters VS. Van Helsing: Dawn of the Hunters.  Jeremy Renner’s character is now played by Aaron Eckhart. This makes no sense because if you’re going to do a multi-movie franchise thing, you should recast younger not older.  DudeContinue reading “Why does everyone have a hard on for killing witches?”

Witch hunter witch hunt showdown

A First Nation person got mad at me once because I asked if she knew about magic.  She said that was uncool to think that a Native person might believe in magic.  I’ve felt bad about that ever since.  Now Killer Kelly (not that one, the other one) rolls in here and says she knowsContinue reading “Witch hunter witch hunt showdown”

No sell

I called Killer Kelly (not that one but the other one).  I thought she should know that I maybe knew what happened to her sister.  It was an awkward call.   I didn’t really have anything solid to tell her.  She said she was going to come to Big Thicket.  I told her that wasn’t aContinue reading “No sell”

The south shall blah blah blah you know whatever

You might be surprised to learn that Big Thicket Texas has three hotels.  That’s at least two more than I expected.  The Pinebox Motel wasn’t bad the first time around.  The second time when I checked in, the red-nosed motherfucker at the front desk was an asshole for no reason. While I got a room,Continue reading “The south shall blah blah blah you know whatever”