Witch hunter witch hunt showdown

A First Nation person got mad at me once because I asked if she knew about magic.  She said that was uncool to think that a Native person might believe in magic.  I’ve felt bad about that ever since.  Now Killer Kelly (not that one, the other one) rolls in here and says she knowsContinue reading “Witch hunter witch hunt showdown”

Gracia Asombrosa contra magia oscura – part 1

(Editors warning/apology switching from journal mode to narrative mode) “Can you give me some clue on what we’re supposed to be doing?  Because there’s no way in Hell we’re going to be getting in there unless you can turn invisible.  Can you turn invisible?” Sanaa shakes her head, still looking worriedly at the complex “SoContinue reading “Gracia Asombrosa contra magia oscura – part 1”

How do you quit when you have no boss?

Covered in sweet and sour sauce, Linda and I caught the bus to the Blue Room Comedy Club where she gave me a ride in her car back to the killer’s trailer to get my car.  She asked me what we would do if he was there.  I said that I’d snap his neck.  ButContinue reading “How do you quit when you have no boss?”

Some pun about Sabrina the teen-aged witch

A guy came in right as Merry started crying herself stupid.  I told him she had just found out she was pregnant and he scurried away.    There’s crying and then there’s ugly crying.  And then there’s what this woman was doing.  The amount of snot coming out of her nose was astonishing.  There was someContinue reading “Some pun about Sabrina the teen-aged witch”