Chicks dig scars

The easiest way to establish that someone is a bad guy is to slap a scar on them.  I enter into evidence Scar from the Lion King.  As the dumb animals sing of Scar, “Evil as plain as the scar on his face”.  Good guys can have scars to show how tough they are, butContinue reading “Chicks dig scars”

The prettiest girl in Wurzburg

Gobel Babelin was the prettiest girl in Wurzburg.  That’s on record.  It’s on Wikipedia.  When she was 19 years old, she was tortured until she said she was a witch.  Then they cut her head off for being a witch.  Later, the guy that accused her of witchery admitted that he said she was aContinue reading “The prettiest girl in Wurzburg”

The 4th rule of outlaw fight club is blah blah you know whatever

The first Outlaw Fight Club show went up today.  It’s pretty well produced.  Not good good, but it looks as good as anything you’re going to see out here in the real world.  The roster was pretty weak but the presentation was good.  Which goes a long way.  Paris Torissi was in the main eventContinue reading “The 4th rule of outlaw fight club is blah blah you know whatever”