Garment industry > necromancy

After I left it occurred to me that I never considered if Jackie was actually capable of reading minds.  Does that mean I’m getting jaded?  Doesn’t seem good whatever it means. I called Jackie’s contact who he said that his necromancy consulting fee is $800/hour.  When I said I couldn’t afford that and he hungContinue reading “Garment industry > necromancy”

But what did you do?!

My last post generated a lot of questions.  I forget that some people really read this.  I’m not a professional writer.  Give me a break.    What did I do?  That’s the main question people asked.  In wrestling there’s a tradition of ribbing.  As in joking.  Traditional wrestling ribs include things like putting sugar in someone’sContinue reading “But what did you do?!”

For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring

I read that on a bottle of hard lemonade. I think it’s Shakespeare. I listened to a mental health app that asked a series of questions about if you’re sleeping enough and if you talk to your friends every day.  Things like that.  It told me to think about the last time I was reallyContinue reading “For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring”

Showdown in the Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood metropolitan area

Sometimes movies make a point to say that killing is bad.  I’m not sure why they do that.  In the real world, most people know that murder is a pretty big deal.  And the people that don’t know that aren’t going to see the light because of a speech by Casey Affleck.  I asked GaryContinue reading “Showdown in the Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood metropolitan area”

Inner beauty

I did an interview.  No one has ever wanted to interview me before.  They said it was for a British wrestling magazine.  But there can’t still be wrestling magazines, can there be?  Maybe they meant an online “magazine”.  Because of Kinross retiring and me being her partner in the tournament, a few people want toContinue reading “Inner beauty”

Crime and punishment

I found out that dolphins can commit suicide.  I assumed only humans were smart enough to kill themselves.  When a dolphin in captivity has had enough, it swims to the bottom of the tank and drowns itself.  I wasn’t thinking about the future when I ambushed the people that killed Stella.  I just wanted themContinue reading “Crime and punishment”

People talk about love like a benign, comfortable force. It’s not that. It’s wild

The overnight manager at the Thurston Hotel is named Lisa Griffon.  I think that’s the name of the woman on Family Guy.  She doesn’t have a lot going on.  She gets off work at 4 AM, goes home, eats a frozen pizza, watches porn and masturbates, then goes to bed.  She wakes up in theContinue reading “People talk about love like a benign, comfortable force. It’s not that. It’s wild”

The natural next step

I’ve never hurt anyone before.  Not like that I mean.   Seems like I should feel something.  Shame.  Pride.  Anger.  Joy.  Something.  I don’t. In wrestling I hear a lot of stories about bar fights.  At least 80% of it is bullshit.  That other 20% is still a lot.  I never hear the tellers of theseContinue reading “The natural next step”

Second floor – Perfumery, Wigs and lady’s hats, Third floor – Origins of human violence and crushing despair

I try to conduct my affairs from my car.  And I don’t really get any personal calls.  Some people have no problem spewing their business out in front of everyone backstage.  Last night I heard a guy asking his doctor “is it cancer?”    The way he said it was chilling.  It wasn’t the tone ofContinue reading “Second floor – Perfumery, Wigs and lady’s hats, Third floor – Origins of human violence and crushing despair”