Also not to be confused with Mason “the Abilene Dream Machine” Kincaid

NOW! Profession Wrestling, North Texas Wrestling Federation, Longhorn Wrestling, and El Paso Arena Pro are combining for a series of “super” shows.  Shows not just across the Lone Star state of Texas but in such exotic faraway lands as Little Rock Arkansas, Evanston Illinois, Tempe Arizona, and Mulvane Kansas.  They promised me bookings for theContinue reading “Also not to be confused with Mason “the Abilene Dream Machine” Kincaid”

Take, take, take

Kinross and I lost our first tournament match last night in Tulsa.  We have one more match, which we’re going to win, and then we’ll be in the finals.  Stew was there with her and I’m 99% sure now that he was flirting with me.  Not exactly sure what to do with that.  But it’sContinue reading “Take, take, take”

Magic Police – Episode 1 “The Thin Purple Line”

I don’t know what to do about the woman I will now start calling Raven Nightshade Blackmore Pandora Lilith.  While hilarious, that’s not even fair because she’s not gothy or emo despite being a grave robber.  I don’t know what she is.  As far as I can tell, the clothes on her back are herContinue reading “Magic Police – Episode 1 “The Thin Purple Line””

Van world order 4 life

I’m back in Kim’s apartment and I’ve dedicated myself to cyber-stalking 42561.  She used to wrestle under the name Golden Grace on account of her real name is Grace Holden.  Maybe.  According to the internet my real name is Amy Lee.  So.    She has more of a presence online than I do, but a lotContinue reading “Van world order 4 life”