Thou shall not kill, J/K

I deleted a “sorry if you’re religious and this offends you” opening because saying that isn’t going to make anyone who would get offended not get offended.  I don’t mean anything by it is the point.   I’ve been listening to the Bible in the car and I noticed the app has a function where itContinue reading “Thou shall not kill, J/K”

omne trium perfectum

Three times now.  First The Asian Girl.  Then Cassie.  Now these archery girls.  Three times teenage girls just happen across a magic book and they can do magic and they immediately start doing evil shit.  There’s no way that can be a coincidence.   Doing magic is fucking hard.  You can’t just find a book andContinue reading “omne trium perfectum”

Some pun about Sabrina the teen-aged witch

A guy came in right as Merry started crying herself stupid.  I told him she had just found out she was pregnant and he scurried away.    There’s crying and then there’s ugly crying.  And then there’s what this woman was doing.  The amount of snot coming out of her nose was astonishing.  There was someContinue reading “Some pun about Sabrina the teen-aged witch”

I’m the one who should be crying, about the criminal lack of pizza

Next stop, Kenyon College.  Dave’s friend was desperate to come with me, but I was pretty sure that a two-hour car ride with him would result in me killing him.  He was so pathetically eager to make the trip with me that I almost caved.  But I didn’t.  I’m more of a softie than IContinue reading “I’m the one who should be crying, about the criminal lack of pizza”