Merrily we dance

I’m not 100 percent convinced yet, but it seems like vampires might be real.  In the movies when people are faced with shocking revelations, it seems to sober them up like a slap to the face.  In my experience it’s the opposite.   When I finally had a chance to think about it, that vampires may be real,Continue reading “Merrily we dance”

Dave and Jimmy – Vampire Hunters

I was somewhere in Nebraska when I saw online that the kid I was going to see in Parma is in prison for aggravated assault.  Not because of the video I saw, which could be fake, but because he stabbed one of his classmates with a sharpened pool cue “stake”.    I should have looked forContinue reading “Dave and Jimmy – Vampire Hunters”

The Parma Vampire Diaries w/ special guest star Amazing Grace

I called Bora and told her that her friend is definitely involved with some real magic.  I then told her that due to a series of blunders on my part, that friend is probably scared out of her wits.  I really am bad at this.  I suggested that Bora try to make contact with herContinue reading “The Parma Vampire Diaries w/ special guest star Amazing Grace”

A grasshopper in the mouth is worth two in the bun

Gary asked me where we were going.  I told him nothing had changed.  Our mission was to find the veterinarian and determine if he’s a blood mage.  Or a vampire.  Or “just” a murderer.  When he asked what we were going to do after we did find out, I wanted to tell him to shutContinue reading “A grasshopper in the mouth is worth two in the bun”

Showdown in the Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood metropolitan area

Sometimes movies make a point to say that killing is bad.  I’m not sure why they do that.  In the real world, most people know that murder is a pretty big deal.  And the people that don’t know that aren’t going to see the light because of a speech by Casey Affleck.  I asked GaryContinue reading “Showdown in the Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood metropolitan area”

I met Joe DeRosa once, he seemed alright

A lot of older wrestlers like to play the world-weary veteran role and dispense nuggets of wisdom to the young bucks. Regardless if they want to hear them.  One of the very few advantages of being in the biz for a while is that the new guys feel obligated to pretend to listen to you.Continue reading “I met Joe DeRosa once, he seemed alright”

Tears ‘n’ Tits (and vampires)

I don’t have a lot of experience with strip clubs.  It would be unusual if I did, since I’m neither a person who would patronize or perform at one.  They sometimes have wrestling shows at strip clubs but that’s the one kind of show that I avoid studiously.  I’ve heard bad things. I thought thatContinue reading “Tears ‘n’ Tits (and vampires)”