Take me out to the ballgame

They left me chained up for a couple more hours and then the 4 suits and lady suits came back with two other people.  Because it wasn’t crowded enough in the tiny interrogation room.  These two really were detectives and I shit you not they looked almost exactly like the two detectives from the thirdContinue reading “Take me out to the ballgame”

Porn Star – The Revenge!

The referee was wearing a cerulean blue shirt.  Usually they wear a white and black striped shirt like a real referee .  Or sometimes they wear a shirt for the company when they can’t afford a striped shirt.  This guy was wearing a cerulean blue shirt.  It looked shiny like tops women wear.  What is thatContinue reading “Porn Star – The Revenge!”

The second rule of outlaw fight club is eat at Applebee’s

I got a call from Outlaw Fight Club asking me to come out west.  They’re starting a YouTube show and they’re going to film seven episodes over a long weekend.  They aren’t sure how many shows they want me on, but they offered me 400 bucks regardless if I was used or not.  Sounded likeContinue reading “The second rule of outlaw fight club is eat at Applebee’s”