Review from My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend blog

My boyfriend loves wrestling.  LOVES it.  To a degree that I wouldn’t have known existed before I knew him.  When I first met him and he mentioned wrestling my response was “I think I’ve flipped past that on TV?  Do people actually watch that?”  They do.  Oh boy, do they.  I don’t exactly know who Rick FlairContinue reading “Review from My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend blog”

Review from Insider’s Edge

One good thing I can say about the Pro Wrestling Hustle – this is not the Japanese promotion with “talent” like Yingling the Erotic Terrorist but another company that thought it made sense to steal their name –  show last night at El Maida Shrine it’s that indy wrestling promotions finally seem to be moving beyond a reliance on hardcoreContinue reading “Review from Insider’s Edge”

Part 14 – The End (except there’s more)

Out of all her spells, or mystical abilities, or magic powers, or whatever you care to call what Grace does, the one she dislikes using the most is noclipping.  She’d like it even less if she knew that the term originated from video games.  She’d hate that. Magic is a slippery snake.  If Grace hadContinue reading “Part 14 – The End (except there’s more)”

Part 12 – The Serpent and the Rainbow

The final stop on the magical mystery tour has Grace and Sanaa headed to the west side of Fresno.  Things seem to be calmer than what they experienced downtown or on the south side.  That could be because it seems mostly deserted though rather than any kind of lawfulness inherent in the citizens.  Did everyoneContinue reading “Part 12 – The Serpent and the Rainbow”

Part 11 – It’s fun to steal

The day before the power outage, the Fresno Superior Courthouse was closed because of a water main leak.  There was a crew out working on it when the power outage began and as a result, there’s an area on the west side where the work crews left several doors unlocked because the power outage startedContinue reading “Part 11 – It’s fun to steal”

Part 10 – Never settle

Sanaa did not help Grace.  Grace manages to gather herself enough to heal a deep puncture wound/maybe collapsed lung anyway.  Heal herself enough not to bleed to death on the spot anyway.  Seeing this miracle was too much for Ferd.  He decided at that point he had done his duty in avenging Carlos and hitContinue reading “Part 10 – Never settle”

Part 9 – By my hand alone

Intervener number one is Sigurd Ferdinand Olson.  Ferd lost his consulting business in the financial crisis of 2007 and not too long after losing his job, he also lost his house in Walnut Creek.  Shortly after moving to Oakhurst, he lost his spouse (well not lost lost, he knew where she was) because Aggie didn’tContinue reading “Part 9 – By my hand alone”

Part 8 – Once more, with feeling

People have said that when they got stabbed they didn’t feel it.  Later they noticed they were bleeding but in the moment, bupkis.  Maybe they didn’t feel it because they were in a fight or flight scenario and their adrenaline was up.  Maybe they didn’t feel it because of the kind of knife or theContinue reading “Part 8 – Once more, with feeling”

Part 7 – Where are the knife guys to lighten the mood?

Sanaa and Grace spend the night at Betsy McQueen’s cabin before heading back into Fresno.  Grace was worried that the authorties might have closed additional routes into the city, but they were still able to enter freely from the north.  This section of Fresno still seems relatively calm.  There is a noticeable police presence whichContinue reading “Part 7 – Where are the knife guys to lighten the mood?”

Gracia Asombrosa contra magia oscura part 6 – Sponsored by Monster Energy, Unleash the Beast

Sanaa excused herself to commune with her mentor spirit while Grace and Betsy talked.  At least that’s what Sanaa said she was doing, Grace suspects that Sanaa doesn’t like her much and just wanted to get away from her for a bit.  Which is fair.  Grace explained to Betsy the situation with Eterno, as muchContinue reading “Gracia Asombrosa contra magia oscura part 6 – Sponsored by Monster Energy, Unleash the Beast”