Antiques Roadshow – Magic serial killer edition

The professor asked me to meet him at his office on campus rather than his house.  I guess because he’s married.  He can’t exactly pass me off as one of his students.  Although I suppose she probably wouldn’t like it if he was bringing female students home either. Walking across campus, I wondered what percentageContinue reading “Antiques Roadshow – Magic serial killer edition”

At least no one was killed

I was offered a booking in Moline.  I didn’t want to take it because of its proximity to Lyons.  But I shamed myself into saying yes.  What are you going to do?  Avoid the entire state of Illinois because of a teenager? I should have done just that.  Maybe she would have showed up anyway. Continue reading “At least no one was killed”

I’m looking at you, Ed “Strangler” Lewis

I don’t know if the Scrap Iron Papers are a joke or what they are.  But I’ve often thought that at some point there had to have been a wrestling serial killer.    It’s the perfect set up for serial killing.  You have a profession where you’re on the road all the time, you’re isolated fromContinue reading “I’m looking at you, Ed “Strangler” Lewis”

Who’s on your Mt. Rushmore of serial killers?

Getting back to my car and on the road was a pain in the ass but it wasn’t interesting, so I won’t talk about it.  I wonder if hitchhiking was ever really a thing or just something in movies.  A guy backstage at the show I worked last night was talking about how there areContinue reading “Who’s on your Mt. Rushmore of serial killers?”

Protect yourself at all times

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been in a place with no mobile coverage.  I didn’t know that was possible.  A few days ago, the professor drove me in his Lexus to an area that didn’t even look like it was part of this country – just trees.  I didn’t see any buildingsContinue reading “Protect yourself at all times”

I punched him right in his 100 year old face

I didn’t believe the Professor at first.  The spells he said he could do aren’t things you can prove.  What won me over is when he said he could do a protection spell.  Of sorts.  I don’t think he realized how hard I can hit.  I just knocked his glasses off and pushed him backContinue reading “I punched him right in his 100 year old face”

Bed, Breakfast & Beyond (aka any person any study)

I never thought about what a bed and breakfast was.  Turns out it’s some people in a fancy house that rent you a room, or bed if you will, and make you breakfast.  It was easily the nicest place I’ve ever been.  It was just a big house I’m sure but I couldn’t stop myselfContinue reading “Bed, Breakfast & Beyond (aka any person any study)”