Chicks dig scars

The easiest way to establish that someone is a bad guy is to slap a scar on them.  I enter into evidence Scar from the Lion King.  As the dumb animals sing of Scar, “Evil as plain as the scar on his face”.  Good guys can have scars to show how tough they are, butContinue reading “Chicks dig scars”

I challenge Tom Cruise for the Last Samurai World Championship!

I was watching a video clip of a wrestling show which led me to one thing and another until I was reading about “The Path of Aloneness” or “The Way to Go Forth Alone” or “The Way of Walking Alone”.  Japanese must not translate to English well.  A samurai guy wrote it after wandering aroundContinue reading “I challenge Tom Cruise for the Last Samurai World Championship!”

Rules are made to be followed

Wrestling has a lot of rules.  I don’t mean the fake rules of the fake sport of wrestling.  I mean the real rules of the job.  Some are more important than others.  Don’t go over your time is a big one.  It’s more important when you’re on TV, but even at the shows I work,Continue reading “Rules are made to be followed”