Wrestlecrack review

This wasn’t a bad show.  It’s what it should be from unknown talent.  I’ve  watched worse shows with name talent on the card.  Their experience level is forgivable but creating characters with the imagination of kids playing WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role is not.  It became worse and worse as the show went on.  Let’s get to that show!  “The American Dream”Continue reading “Wrestlecrack review”

Review from My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend blog

My boyfriend loves wrestling.  LOVES it.  To a degree that I wouldn’t have known existed before I knew him.  When I first met him and he mentioned wrestling my response was “I think I’ve flipped past that on TV?  Do people actually watch that?”  They do.  Oh boy, do they.  I don’t exactly know who Rick FlairContinue reading “Review from My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend blog”

Review from Insider’s Edge

One good thing I can say about the Pro Wrestling Hustle – this is not the Japanese promotion with “talent” like Yingling the Erotic Terrorist but another company that thought it made sense to steal their name –  show last night at El Maida Shrine, it’s that indy wrestling promotions finally seem to be moving beyond a reliance on hardcoreContinue reading “Review from Insider’s Edge”


In the olden times, it was not uncommon for wrestlers working heel to carry guns.  Because the fans hated them so much they would legitimately try to kill them.  In those days, you weren’t over as a heel until someone pulled a knife on you.  That’s how much people bought into wrestling as recently asContinue reading “Nail”

Jack Johnson VS John Jackson

I saw a results-reviews-opinions blog of the show I worked last night.  Seeing the card in print made something jump out at me: John Adams vs. Joe Falcone Pat Joseph vs. Garrison Michael Andy Trout vs. Claude Jean Jeremy Spokane vs. Dennis Walters Billy Chapman vs. William Palmer Vic Mercado vs. Rory Malone Alice HudsonContinue reading “Jack Johnson VS John Jackson”