The Heat

Running that first show in Tallahassee was the most stress I’ve ever felt in my life.  And I say that knowing that I’ve had objectively a pretty fucked up life.   That time I was worried because I knew Kim was putting his ass on the line for me.  I was worried because I knew whatContinue reading “The Heat”

Showtime 2 – The Return of the Revenge of the Second Chapter

Evan came bursting into Kim’s apartment (I still can’t call it my apartment) pitching a fit because a promoter friend of his dad’s had called.  This guy had a show set up and some other promoter had hired away half of the guys he had booked.  Why?  A pissant rivalry between two promotions no one’sContinue reading “Showtime 2 – The Return of the Revenge of the Second Chapter”

Too many girls

Kim said that I should put a show together instead of whining about not getting booked.  I told him I’ve not been whining at all.  We argued about that for probably half an hour.  He said he never heard me talk so much before.  Then he asked why I was focused on that and notContinue reading “Too many girls”