Jenny Dreadful

Part of the reason the promoter was so pissed at me is because he was already pissed.  The cops had been backstage hassling everyone.  Not for the usual reasons.  El Paso PD showed up to tell Jenny Dreadful that her boyfriend had been shot in the face in a hotel in Austin.  She was upsetContinue reading “Jenny Dreadful”

Rules are made to be followed

Wrestling has a lot of rules.  I don’t mean the fake rules of the fake sport of wrestling.  I mean the real rules of the job.  Some are more important than others.  Don’t go over your time is a big one.  It’s more important when you’re on TV, but even at the shows I work,Continue reading “Rules are made to be followed”

College of Human Ecology, Labor Relations & Dark Magic

At some point during the three hours I was sort of asleep, I saw Gary (that’s his fucking name, Gary the evil sorcerer) standing in the doorway creepily looking at me.  I could tell he was thinking about lying down next to me.  I told him if he came near me, I would twist his balls untilContinue reading “College of Human Ecology, Labor Relations & Dark Magic”

Little Miss Sunshine 2 – The Revenge

The dogman said that he had been waiting for me.  At first I thought he meant that literally.  That he knew I was coming the way the Asian girl did.  Clairvoyance.  He didn’t mean that.  He meant that he had been waiting for someone to come. Without any prompting, he started talking.  Standing there inContinue reading “Little Miss Sunshine 2 – The Revenge”

Ask a stupid question

My spell led me to Venture Mechanical, the US headquarters of Kubota Tractor Corporation.  I don’t know where I imagined a blood mage to be but that wasn’t it.  I didn’t picture that a blood mage would have a job at all.  I guess they need to eat just like everyone else.  That’s depressing.  It’sContinue reading “Ask a stupid question”

Hungry ghosts

Since I’ve learned that I can use my finding spell to find people, dead or alive, I’ve been struggling with something.  Should I try it to find Obaluaiye?  Or Royale?  Probably they’re dead.  If they’re alive, they have reason for not contacting me.  In either of those cases there’s no reason to try and findContinue reading “Hungry ghosts”

Inner beauty

I did an interview.  No one has ever wanted to interview me before.  They said it was for a British wrestling magazine.  But there can’t still be wrestling magazines, can there be?  Maybe they meant an online “magazine”.  Because of Kinross retiring and me being her partner in the tournament, a few people want toContinue reading “Inner beauty”

Why do we send rovers to Mars if not to rescue people from blood sacrifice?

I had a dream last night that aliens abducted me.  They took me to Mars and put me on a big red pyramid and cut my heart out to fuel a blood magic ritual.  If aliens showed up, people would freak out.  They would probably be so freaked out by aliens existing they wouldn’t careContinue reading “Why do we send rovers to Mars if not to rescue people from blood sacrifice?”

Porn Star – The Revenge!

The referee was wearing a cerulean blue shirt.  Usually they wear a white and black striped shirt like a real referee .  Or sometimes they wear a shirt for the company when they can’t afford a striped shirt.  This guy was wearing a cerulean blue shirt.  It looked shiny like tops women wear.  What is thatContinue reading “Porn Star – The Revenge!”