I think emergency whistle is the preferred nomenclature

Okay.  Approaching Kaisey on campus wasn’t the best idea.  I thought that she would be less likely to make a scene with a bunch of people around.  She went the other way.  In fairness to myself going in I didn’t plan on doing anything other than talking to her.  When I saw that she hadContinue reading “I think emergency whistle is the preferred nomenclature”

Here I go again on my own

I sat in the car for a while with the book.  And the cash.  Taking that makes me a thief I reckon.  I tried my finding spell on the person who made the book.  Didn’t work.   I didn’t expect it would. What do I do about the two guys I sent to the yellow wallpaper maze? Continue reading “Here I go again on my own”

Take a look it’s in a book

The book I took from Tag is mostly violent rambling and other insane bullshit, but there is some instruction on how to do spells in there.  It gave me a better understanding of blood magic.  I don’t think you can learn real magic from a book without someone teaching you.  But this vile shit?  Maybe.Continue reading “Take a look it’s in a book”

Campus visit

Altogether I attended a couple months of high school.  A few weeks here and a few weeks there when I was at different foster homes before I quit going or ran away or both.   I’m not really qualified to judge colleges.  Having been said, I can tell you this, the campus at Cornell is muchContinue reading “Campus visit”

omne trium perfectum

Three times now.  First The Asian Girl.  Then Cassie.  Now these archery girls.  Three times teenage girls just happen across a magic book and they can do magic and they immediately start doing evil shit.  There’s no way that can be a coincidence.   Doing magic is fucking hard.  You can’t just find a book andContinue reading “omne trium perfectum”