OOC – What happened to the mouse?

My intent was not to worry about Sanaa’s fate but then I realized that Grace wouldn’t just leave her hanging even though she’s the worst, not Amazing Grace no siree Bob. So then I wrote a thing where she finds Sanaa and she’s all murdered up to fit into the theme of everything being horribleContinue reading “OOC – What happened to the mouse?”

Part 14 – The End (except there’s more)

Out of all her spells, or mystical abilities, or magic powers, or whatever you care to call what Grace does, the one she dislikes using the most is noclipping.  She’d like it even less if she knew that the term originated from video games.  She’d hate that. Magic is a slippery snake.  If Grace hadContinue reading “Part 14 – The End (except there’s more)”

Part 13 – When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but because of different reasons altogether

The interior of the Rain or Shine Magic Shop is so dark that Grace cast her light spell to see what’s going on in there so she doesn’t run into the wall.  The sudden flare of light startles the dozing man behind the counter awake.  A Sonic bag flys off his stomach as he boltsContinue reading “Part 13 – When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but because of different reasons altogether”

Part 10 – Never settle

Sanaa did not help Grace.  Grace manages to gather herself enough to heal a deep puncture wound/maybe collapsed lung anyway.  Heal herself enough not to bleed to death on the spot anyway.  Seeing this miracle was too much for Ferd.  He decided at that point he had done his duty in avenging Carlos and hitContinue reading “Part 10 – Never settle”

Part 9 – By my hand alone

Intervener number one is Sigurd Ferdinand Olson.  Ferd lost his consulting business in the financial crisis of 2007 and not too long after losing his job, he also lost his house in Walnut Creek.  Shortly after moving to Oakhurst, he lost his spouse (well not lost lost, he knew where she was) because Aggie didn’tContinue reading “Part 9 – By my hand alone”

Part 8 – Once more, with feeling

People have said that when they got stabbed they didn’t feel it.  Later they noticed they were bleeding but in the moment, bupkis.  Maybe they didn’t feel it because they were in a fight or flight scenario and their adrenaline was up.  Maybe they didn’t feel it because of the kind of knife or theContinue reading “Part 8 – Once more, with feeling”

Part 7 – Where are the knife guys to lighten the mood?

Sanaa and Grace spend the night at Betsy McQueen’s cabin before heading back into Fresno.  Grace was worried that the authorties might have closed additional routes into the city, but they were still able to enter freely from the north.  This section of Fresno still seems relatively calm.  There is a noticeable police presence whichContinue reading “Part 7 – Where are the knife guys to lighten the mood?”

Gracia Asombrosa contra magia oscura part 3 – Nude murder sexy podcast

Sanaa clutches at Grace’s arm with a painful grip that belies her small stature, speaking right in her ear with an urgent whisper.  “We don’t have time for this, we need to hurry!”  Annoyed, Grace shrugs off her hand “Don’t paw at me please.  We can’t just leave them here like this.”  Grace makes aContinue reading “Gracia Asombrosa contra magia oscura part 3 – Nude murder sexy podcast”

Gracia Asombrosa contra magia oscura – part 1

(Editors warning/apology switching from journal mode to narrative mode) “Can you give me some clue on what we’re supposed to be doing?  Because there’s no way in Hell we’re going to be getting in there unless you can turn invisible.  Can you turn invisible?” Sanaa shakes her head, still looking worriedly at the complex “SoContinue reading “Gracia Asombrosa contra magia oscura – part 1”

Do spirits twerk?

Before we hit the road to Fresno, Sanaa had to ritually cleanse herself in the Tule River.  Then she had to go touch an old tree.  Then she had to go look at a pond.  Then we had to go to a farmers market and to a community service project plot of land where theyContinue reading “Do spirits twerk?”