I should have already learned this lesson

In order to pay off my loan I owe 10 shows to East Coast Professional Wrestling which is a family-oriented company, 10 shows for Jersey Shore Pro Wrestling which caters to horny teenagers, and a couple spot shows for different promotions.     That would be a good run for me if half the money wasn’t goingContinue reading “I should have already learned this lesson”

The poor magician’s almanac

Kebab man said that because I was friends with Stella he’ll to cut me deal and only charge me $1500 to investigateT8.  That’s half his normal rate he pointed out.  I got paid that much once for a bare knuckle fight.  I asked him if I couldn’t afford $800 how did he think I was goingContinue reading “The poor magician’s almanac”

The comeback

I don’t like noclipping.  I haven’t figured out how to control where I show up come back to the real world.  I don’t even know if it’s possible to control that.  What if I come back and I’m in Peru?  Or in the middle of the ocean?    I need learn more about this spell butContinue reading “The comeback”

It’s not fair that when I survive a murder attempt I end up with a bill

I need to learn a spell that persuades people or gives me an aura of authority.  I am terrible at talking my way out of things.  After the troopers some county sheriff people showed up.  And then some city cops too.  Why are there so many different kinds of cops?  I suppose because there’s soContinue reading “It’s not fair that when I survive a murder attempt I end up with a bill”

Bright Lights, Bug City Part 8 – Over

Grace and Christie headed to Galesburg on the hunt for the customer service center manager at the middle of this inspect spirit jamboree, but he was long gone.  Along with several other employees who are likely his insect-infected minions.  Did the doctor warn them before Christie magic-mouthed the bug juice out of him?  Or doesContinue reading “Bright Lights, Bug City Part 8 – Over”

And in this corner, fighting out of Travilah – Tandy the Trust Fund Billionaire!

I left for a show in Rapid City.   RNBPL (why are people calling her Rin-Bipple in the comments?  That’s dumb) stayed at the hotel to enjoy the free magic.  I told her to be careful with that because according to the professor, over time it fucks you up.   At the show backstage, a guyContinue reading “And in this corner, fighting out of Travilah – Tandy the Trust Fund Billionaire!”

Come for the fake boobs and stay for the fake chicken

I think they still have ring girls in boxing and MMA sometimes.  They don’t have them in wrestling.  Because there’s no rounds.  The promoter I worked for last night decided to ignore that.  He brought in a waitress from a chicken and tits joint to stand around doing nothing while the announcer announced.  And onceContinue reading “Come for the fake boobs and stay for the fake chicken”