Which sounds better, cult smasher or cult breaker? Or cult basher?

I worry about going insane.  Or that I already am insane.  It’s possible that there is no such thing as magic and I’m delusional.  Shows say that delusions can result from childhood trauma but the internet says that delusions are caused brain chemistry.    Once magic is happening, how can you know if you’re losing yourContinue reading “Which sounds better, cult smasher or cult breaker? Or cult basher?”

Why not SuperGIRL you traitor?

The sheer amount of information online with instructions on how to make friends or what to do if you have no friends is depressing in and of itself.  Are there really that many people out there that have no one?  I thought social media was supposed to be handling this?  Is it possible that somehowContinue reading “Why not SuperGIRL you traitor?”