He’s not wrong but you don’t need to say it

I tweeted out my next show dates and a dude responded by saying that having sex with me must be like laying naked on a pile of Legos.  A few hours later when I was a gas station a guy in line made fun of my Velcro wallet with baseballs on it.  And then inContinue reading “He’s not wrong but you don’t need to say it”

Interlude – A little night music

Imagine that it’s dusk and a light rain is falling.  You’re in your nice apartment that you kind of can’t afford but you’re making it work.  You’ve had a hard day at your job – most likely as a cashier or food prepper or janitor or bartender or server, which are the five most commonContinue reading “Interlude – A little night music”

The Burn

Laura’s friend is going to visit in a couple of days.  I assumed he was coming in person because you can’t teach someone a spell over the phone but she grinned and said “he’s not really a phone guy”.  Her smile is blinding.  I can’t be mean about it though because she’s letting me stayContinue reading “The Burn”

I challenge Tom Cruise for the Last Samurai World Championship!

I was watching a video clip of a wrestling show which led me to one thing and another until I was reading about “The Path of Aloneness” or “The Way to Go Forth Alone” or “The Way of Walking Alone”.  Japanese must not translate to English well.  A samurai guy wrote it after wandering aroundContinue reading “I challenge Tom Cruise for the Last Samurai World Championship!”

Speed 3 – Snakes on a Bus

42561 and I were outside of Plainview when I saw an empty bus by the side of the road.  It didn’t look like a Greyhound or other bus line but it wasn’t a school bus either.  Maybe it was a church bus or associated with a camp.  If 42561 was driving she wouldn’t have slowedContinue reading “Speed 3 – Snakes on a Bus”

Why not SuperGIRL you traitor?

The sheer amount of information online with instructions on how to make friends or what to do if you have no friends is depressing in and of itself.  Are there really that many people out there that have no one?  I thought social media was supposed to be handling this?  Is it possible that somehowContinue reading “Why not SuperGIRL you traitor?”

OOC – Happy birthday

This blog is one year old. I don’t have much to say about that but it seems worth remarking on. I like writing this, I wish more people liked reading it. When I started this blog at first it seemed like it was going to gain more traction than my other blog, but the firstContinue reading “OOC – Happy birthday”

War & er, well, more War

I heard a wrestler called War Machine (not that one, and not the other one, but the other other one) once talking about how casual sex had lost its luster for him.  He was lamenting that he no longer got much of a thrill from banging some rando after every show.  It was still funContinue reading “War & er, well, more War”

Bright Lights, Bug City Part 8 – Over

Grace and Christie headed to Galesburg on the hunt for the customer service center manager at the middle of this inspect spirit jamboree, but he was long gone.  Along with several other employees who are likely his insect-infected minions.  Did the doctor warn them before Christie magic-mouthed the bug juice out of him?  Or doesContinue reading “Bright Lights, Bug City Part 8 – Over”

What is happiness and why do you think you deserve it? Asking for a friend

When I got to Phoenix, I sold the van Gary bought me and bought a 2017 Avalon.  I always thought that anyone who took “dirty money” was stupid.  I understand now.  It is stupid.  But you do it anyway. I don’t normally give a shit about things.  I loved that van.  I couldn’t stand toContinue reading “What is happiness and why do you think you deserve it? Asking for a friend”