If anyone ever thought about magic being real most people would assume that you have to be smart to do it.  In fantasy stories wizards are old and wise.  They have old busy wisdom beards so you know.  They have to go magic school for hundreds of years.  They live in towers, the smartest kind ofContinue reading “S-M-R-T”

Less than zero

Between Doug and Kim I was able to get a gig training at the school for All-Star Wrestling in Omaha.  The story was that I was rehabbing an injury and needed to be off the road for a while. Kim’s school is just his nephews and a couple other guys who are practicing between showsContinue reading “Less than zero”

It just feels like pain

The first time I took a bump I felt like my body was going to explode.  Wrestling rings are a lot harder than people think, especially since I’ve had people tell me they thought it was a trampoline.  It’s not.  Why don’t they make it softer?  Because you have to move around on it.  YouContinue reading “It just feels like pain”