Falling down

I tried my finding spell on the Hong Kong necromancer.  Then I tried to stop it because I got incredibly dizzy.  I couldn’t.  It was like the energy was being pulled out of me.  I got so off balance that I fell.  Fell like a normal person.  I know how to fall.  That’s my job. Continue reading “Falling down”

Quiznos – Eat fresh

Once upon a time they made Omaha the last stop on the transcontinental railroad.  That term doesn’t make sense to me because it’s in the middle, not at the end.  Maybe last stop means it was like an airport hub.  Regardless, it meant that Omaha was a big deal.  It is not a big dealContinue reading “Quiznos – Eat fresh”

Magic Police – Episode 1 “The Thin Purple Line”

I don’t know what to do about the woman I will now start calling Raven Nightshade Blackmore Pandora Lilith.  While hilarious, that’s not even fair because she’s not gothy or emo despite being a grave robber.  I don’t know what she is.  As far as I can tell, the clothes on her back are herContinue reading “Magic Police – Episode 1 “The Thin Purple Line””

What does a necromancer order at Denny’s? Country-fried steak and eggs

Wasn’t there a plot on the Wire where one of the kids thought one of the drug dealers was a zombie master?  That show was based on a true story.  So the question – was the real guy who the character in the Wire was based on an actual necromancer?  Being a drug kingpin seemsContinue reading “What does a necromancer order at Denny’s? Country-fried steak and eggs”