I was tempted to call Stella’s mom for a necromancy consult.  But not very much.  Ultimately I decided it was a bad idea.  Terrible idea.  I tried to remember everything Stella told me about what she was doing the night we met.  I couldn’t recall much.  Either she never told me the exact details orContinue reading “Ghosted”

RIP Stella

T8 says she remembers being in a car accident in Hong Kong just like the police said.  She didn’t see the other car coming she just remembers being thrown violently.  The seatbelt breaking.  The searing pain.  She remembers being twisted in a way that her body doesn’t go.  She said it felt like it tookContinue reading “RIP Stella”

The comeback

I don’t like noclipping.  I haven’t figured out how to control where I show up come back to the real world.  I don’t even know if it’s possible to control that.  What if I come back and I’m in Peru?  Or in the middle of the ocean?    I need learn more about this spell butContinue reading “The comeback”

The one where I solve a bunch of crimes

On shows buddy cops up are more than just brothers.  They’re closer to their partner than they are their wife or kids.  No one else understands what they’ve been through.  They’re non-sexual soulmates. They’ll do anything for each other.  When I was having lunch with Waldrum and Berner they looked at each other at oneContinue reading “The one where I solve a bunch of crimes”

There’s no money in monsters kid

Waldrum and Berner were surprised by my display.  Not surprised enough.  When I asked them about it they said, as best I can remember, this is not word for word; “Certain parts around here are . . .” they looked each other “. . . are what? Dangerous?  Diseased? Haunted? No one wants to putContinue reading “There’s no money in monsters kid”

Pretty cool

I think they left me chained to that desk in the interrogation room for at least 20 hours.  I’m sure that’s illegal.  Everything they’re doing is illegal but that’s what bothers me.  After they stormed out only one of the power suit quartet came back in to talk with me.  He has the nicest suitContinue reading “Pretty cool”

Take me out to the ballgame

They left me chained up for a couple more hours and then the 4 suits and lady suits came back with two other people.  Because it wasn’t crowded enough in the tiny interrogation room.  These two really were detectives and I shit you not they looked almost exactly like the two detectives from the thirdContinue reading “Take me out to the ballgame”

The old bad cop walrus cop routine

The police station they took me too was very nice.  They left me chained to a table for longer than I think they’re supposed to.  Where’s the ACLU when you need them?  I’m sure that I could have used my strength spell to break the shackles.  I didn’t because I figured that I couldn’t beContinue reading “The old bad cop walrus cop routine”

Coitus interruptus sounds like some Harry Potter bullshit

So does Ex Fiancé I assume that the old gun is the focus for the redneck magic.  We took all the paraphernalia we could carry just in case.  We burned everything burnable and tossed the gun in the river.  I was feeling pretty good about the night’s work until we got back to the motelContinue reading “Coitus interruptus sounds like some Harry Potter bullshit”

It’s not fair that when I survive a murder attempt I end up with a bill

I need to learn a spell that persuades people or gives me an aura of authority.  I am terrible at talking my way out of things.  After the troopers some county sheriff people showed up.  And then some city cops too.  Why are there so many different kinds of cops?  I suppose because there’s soContinue reading “It’s not fair that when I survive a murder attempt I end up with a bill”