Women attacking women for money

When Kim first gave me a place to stay in Tallahassee, I was unsettled.  I was not used to staying in one place for long.  I thought I might be more used to it the second time around but I’m not.  In a way this is worse.  The apartment in Tallahassee was just a baseContinue reading “Women attacking women for money”

go-home show

So.  Eterno maybe killed Obaluaiye, my first mentor, who I didn’t really know but I think was a good person.  And Eterno maybe killed a washed up old wrestler who maybe killed werewolves because he thought it was the right thing to do. What next?  Go “home”. When I got back to Tallahassee, I satContinue reading “go-home show”

Home is where the conspiracy of silence is

I did something yesterday that is normal for most people.  Not most normal normal people but most normal people in wrestling.  But it was really weird for me.  I drove to Montgomery for a show.  And then I drove back here to Kim’s apartment.  It’s almost like I have a home.  I’m sure that doesn’tContinue reading “Home is where the conspiracy of silence is”

Leave a candle in the window

It’s been a strange few weeks.  I’ve never stayed anywhere this long before.  Kim has an apartment that he keeps even though he has a house.  He’s letting me staying there.  I guess I live in Tallahassee now?  He’s odd.  It always throws me when someone is into their ethnicity.  He talks a lot about beingContinue reading “Leave a candle in the window”