The guy that wrote Fight Club can eat it

I wasn’t sure my healing spell would work.  I’ve mostly used it on myself. Never for something as serious as a gunshot.  But it worked.  The bullet pushed out of Gary’s surprisingly well toned stomach like a little mole nosing out of the ground.  The wound mostly closed up.  Mostly.  He was still bleeding prettyContinue reading “The guy that wrote Fight Club can eat it”

A quad to remember

I didn’t see what happened, but last night they carried a guy into the back that couldn’t put any weight on one leg.  People were saying that it was a torn quad but I don’t know if that’s true. I think I’ve worked more than a hundred shows at this point but I’ve hardly everContinue reading “A quad to remember”

Getting dropped on your head for fun and profit

Here’s the thing.  Unless you happen to get booked on a show for a women’s promotion, and good fucking luck with that, most wrestling shows don’t have any women on the card.  If they do it’s usually one match for women, or maybe just an intergender match.  It’s rare that a show even has twoContinue reading “Getting dropped on your head for fun and profit”