He’s not wrong but you don’t need to say it

I tweeted out my next show dates and a dude responded by saying that having sex with me must be like laying naked on a pile of Legos.  A few hours later when I was a gas station a guy in line made fun of my Velcro wallet with baseballs on it.  And then inContinue reading “He’s not wrong but you don’t need to say it”

Magical girl friendship squad

You know what’s right next to Catfish Basket at the Hondo Village Center in El Paso?  A candle place named Mystical Palace.  That’s only funny to me I bet.  As I sat there with my catfish basket, my wings, and my ice tea, I realized a couple things.  Izzy and Sanaa ditched out at someContinue reading “Magical girl friendship squad”

What is happiness and why do you think you deserve it? Asking for a friend

When I got to Phoenix, I sold the van Gary bought me and bought a 2017 Avalon.  I always thought that anyone who took “dirty money” was stupid.  I understand now.  It is stupid.  But you do it anyway. I don’t normally give a shit about things.  I loved that van.  I couldn’t stand toContinue reading “What is happiness and why do you think you deserve it? Asking for a friend”

Total Drama Island

This is going to seem like one of those melodramatic cries for help designed to elicit sympathy or scream for attention but it’s not.  I’m many things but an emotional vampire isn’t one of them.  I don’t really know what it feels like to be happy.  I don’t think I’m depressed or traumatized, I justContinue reading “Total Drama Island”