Grace’s ghost-grabbers renewed for season 2

I thought we were headed back to Buffalo today.  KBD had other ideas.    To keep the trip from being “a complete waste” she set up a necromancy gig in Clarksdale.  When I asked her how someone goes about booking her for necromancy for pay she told me that if she gave me that information she’dContinue reading “Grace’s ghost-grabbers renewed for season 2”

Ghost-grabbers with Grace

KBD said that she could unmake the spell that’s keeping T8 an animated undead monster but it would take several hours.  She also said if I wanted her to do that it would cost me a grand.  When I told her that I couldn’t afford that she said to get it from the girl’s family. Continue reading “Ghost-grabbers with Grace”

Quiznos – Eat fresh

Once upon a time they made Omaha the last stop on the transcontinental railroad.  That term doesn’t make sense to me because it’s in the middle, not at the end.  Maybe last stop means it was like an airport hub.  Regardless, it meant that Omaha was a big deal.  It is not a big dealContinue reading “Quiznos – Eat fresh”