Part 7 – Smile through your fear and sorrow (j/k that’s a terrible idea)

What Cassie can tell Grace about the ring is that it’s the wedding ring of Andrea’s sister.  You guys remember her right?  She was a police detective and she found out about magic and her husband died and she got transfer to work for a fake FBI division to keep her quiet and she hadContinue reading “Part 7 – Smile through your fear and sorrow (j/k that’s a terrible idea)”

Hard way

I’m dipped out of a loop across Georgia and Florida to swing over to Tallahassee to see Kim.  Not Killer Kelly Kim, the other one.  I tried to sneak the philosophical concept of killing and its possible justifications in casual conversation.  He saw through me.  He asked me who I wanted killed.  He likes peopleContinue reading “Hard way”

How to make decisions

I hardly ever get asked for an autograph.  Maybe I would be more often if I sold merch.  I should get some merch.  Not because I want people to ask for my autograph.  After my show last night, a guy with bushy sideburns and a denim shirt asked for my autograph.  After I signed, heContinue reading “How to make decisions”

Operation Steel Tiger Shark

It’s hard to believe.  My plans never work.  Lance and I sat in his Lincoln Navigator outside the compound and watched the cars and trucks drive away with all the guys and guns.  Lance had drones flying around that let us see the whole place.  There were a couple old timers and some kids leftContinue reading “Operation Steel Tiger Shark”

You might leave here should others take your place 

Before I met Stella I would have told you that necromancy is using magic for creating zombies.  You know how she felt about the “z” word.  The internet defines necromancy as “the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future”.  Séances and stuff like that.  Why would dead people know the future? Continue reading “You might leave here should others take your place “

Death be not proud

The plan is for Lance to “investigate” for a few days.  Then he’ll tell the Texas Confederate Mafia that he has found the Robert Lee gun thieves holed up at an abandoned farmhouse.  The ATF will be lying in wait for them there while simultaneously raiding their weapons caches.  The ones they know.  There areContinue reading “Death be not proud”

The return of Max Power! I mean Rock Strongo, I mean, whatever . . .

The voice sounded familiar but I didn’t believe my ears until I saw him.  It was none other than celebrity bodyguard/private eye/bounty hunter Lance Blade.   He’s a blowhard douchebag but a competent investigator.  Or maybe he’s not that competent, but he does have lot of fancy tech shit he bought from one of those spyContinue reading “The return of Max Power! I mean Rock Strongo, I mean, whatever . . .”

AWS is how

Here’s what makes what Bora and Kelly did even more extraordinary.  When I called Bora it was because I wanted to get her friend’s number, let’s call her Lucy, the one that I helped with that female empowerment imbroglio.  In desperation to find someone to help me, I figured that Lucy had some knowledge of ritual magic soContinue reading “AWS is how”

Magical girl friendship squad

You know what’s right next to Catfish Basket at the Hondo Village Center in El Paso?  A candle place named Mystical Palace.  That’s only funny to me I bet.  As I sat there with my catfish basket, my wings, and my ice tea, I realized a couple things.  Izzy and Sanaa ditched out at someContinue reading “Magical girl friendship squad”

OOC – What happened to the mouse?

My intent was not to worry about Sanaa’s fate but then I realized that Grace wouldn’t just leave her hanging even though she’s the worst, not Amazing Grace no siree Bob. So then I wrote a thing where she finds Sanaa and she’s all murdered up to fit into the theme of everything being horribleContinue reading “OOC – What happened to the mouse?”