Ask about our high pressure sales techniques

When he was doing his bitter old wizard routine Huddie told me that magic is pointless because spending 20 years to learn a spell to make light is stupid when you can buy a flashlight.  He’s wrong about that, but he’s also kind of right.    I found the contact information for some of the professor’sContinue reading “Ask about our high pressure sales techniques”

The end of the tour

I thought the NVC had agreed to wait for me but they no-showed Lubbock.  I thought that Chadd 2 Badd would have been pissed off about that but he didn’t seem to care.  He said that he was surprised that they bothered to show up at any of the events he booked.  He said theContinue reading “The end of the tour”

Nip/Tuck the Movie Part 3 – The Return of the Carver’s Revenge : The Carvening

I’ve got my Naperville show mostly booked.  I mean I have the people booked, there’s still going to be a lot more time spent bickering about who’s going to go over and how and what kind of time they’ll have and when they can sell merch and all that bullshit.  Wrestlers are pretty annoying fromContinue reading “Nip/Tuck the Movie Part 3 – The Return of the Carver’s Revenge : The Carvening”