Johnny Concussion always gets back up

I’m becoming convinced that this witch-hunter guy doesn’t know anything about magic.  Maybe he knows about it like his sister, but I’m starting think that he’s full of shit instead of magic.   Maybe this witch hunting thing is all crap.  Maybe’s he’s crazy.  Just because magic is real doesn’t mean that someone that thinks magicContinue reading “Johnny Concussion always gets back up”

Introductory Entomology – Part 6 – Wicked Witch of the Pest

42561 was about to ask what the plan was when Grace knocked on the door.  42561 grabbed Grace by the arm, intent on dragging her away when the door swung open .  42561 snatched her hand back like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  Does that expression even make sense anymore? Continue reading “Introductory Entomology – Part 6 – Wicked Witch of the Pest”