Speed 3 – Snakes on a Bus

42561 and I were outside of Plainview when I saw an empty bus by the side of the road.  It didn’t look like a Greyhound or other bus line but it wasn’t a school bus either.  Maybe it was a church bus or associated with a camp.  If 42561 was driving she wouldn’t have slowedContinue reading “Speed 3 – Snakes on a Bus”

Why not SuperGIRL you traitor?

The sheer amount of information online with instructions on how to make friends or what to do if you have no friends is depressing in and of itself.  Are there really that many people out there that have no one?  I thought social media was supposed to be handling this?  Is it possible that somehowContinue reading “Why not SuperGIRL you traitor?”

There was a tag team called the Headshrinkers once

I took a PHQ-9 questionnaire online and I got 9 out of 27 which means I am mildly depressed.  Which is good news, I think.  That it’s not higher I mean.  It says it’s not a screening tool for depression though.  So why is out there?    Kim has a friend who’s become a therapist since retiring fromContinue reading “There was a tag team called the Headshrinkers once”

War & er, well, more War

I heard a wrestler called War Machine (not that one, and not the other one, but the other other one) once talking about how casual sex had lost its luster for him.  He was lamenting that he no longer got much of a thrill from banging some rando after every show.  It was still funContinue reading “War & er, well, more War”

A small price to pay?

When I was working at Phoenix Powerslam Pro, I went on a road trip with 42561.  I didn’t blog about it.  I can’t say why.  It didn’t feel right.  The short story is that in Needles, California, people were turning into bug monsters.  I guess I know why I didn’t blog about it, it soundsContinue reading “A small price to pay?”

Royale Fantastique

I’m sure most people would think that Royale looks a little silly since he’s always dressed so nicely.   But I think he looks dignified.  There was solidness to him, and gravitas, sadness too.  He wasn’t morose or taciturn or whatever else people say that I am, but there’s a little part of him that neverContinue reading “Royale Fantastique”

For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring

I read that on a bottle of hard lemonade. I think it’s Shakespeare. I listened to a mental health app that asked a series of questions about if you’re sleeping enough and if you talk to your friends every day.  Things like that.  It told me to think about the last time I was reallyContinue reading “For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring”

Nip/Tuck the Movie Part 3 – The Return of the Carver’s Revenge : The Carvening

I’ve got my Naperville show mostly booked.  I mean I have the people booked, there’s still going to be a lot more time spent bickering about who’s going to go over and how and what kind of time they’ll have and when they can sell merch and all that bullshit.  Wrestlers are pretty annoying fromContinue reading “Nip/Tuck the Movie Part 3 – The Return of the Carver’s Revenge : The Carvening”

An excuse is worse than a lie

When I broke into the business there was a small “rebellion” over the way women are treated in the wrestling business.  Nothing much happened other than a couple of marginal guys who did some foul shit didn’t get booked for a while.  They’re all back in the swing of things now.    I lost a coupleContinue reading “An excuse is worse than a lie”

Tears ‘n’ Tits (and vampires)

I don’t have a lot of experience with strip clubs.  It would be unusual if I did, since I’m neither a person who would patronize or perform at one.  They sometimes have wrestling shows at strip clubs but that’s the one kind of show that I avoid studiously.  I’ve heard bad things. I thought thatContinue reading “Tears ‘n’ Tits (and vampires)”