Death wore a cowboy hat

I suppose instead of putting together a wrestling show I should be traveling the country figuring out what the female empowerment cult people are up to and coming up with a plan for putting a stop to their wicked ways.  But why is that my responsibility?  That sounds childish but I still feel it. IContinue reading “Death wore a cowboy hat”

To a certain degree I think if you are invited to a goat-mask orgy you know the risks

I’ve decided that if no one wants to book me, I’ll run my own show.  I did it once before.  Sure, Kim fronted the money and it only worked because of him, but that’s no reason not to try myself right?  Oh, it is?  Well, I’m doing it anyway.  This will pretty well clean meContinue reading “To a certain degree I think if you are invited to a goat-mask orgy you know the risks”

Jenny Dreadful

Part of the reason the promoter was so pissed at me is because he was already pissed.  The cops had been backstage hassling everyone.  Not for the usual reasons.  El Paso PD showed up to tell Jenny Dreadful that her boyfriend had been shot in the face in a hotel in Austin.  She was upsetContinue reading “Jenny Dreadful”

50 bucks and a black eye

I finished up teaching at the All-Star Wrestling training school and started driving to Lubbock for a show.  Stella is dead.  Life just goes on.  It doesn’t seem right.  I look around and everyone is just living like nothing happened.  It’s like it doesn’t matter that she’s dead or mattered that she was ever alive. Continue reading “50 bucks and a black eye”

I came here to tell you about the rhythms of the universe

I detoured to meet up with Josh/Dan/Mustafa in Cincinnati.  His drug/sex/music cult was having a meet and greet and I wanted to see what it was all about.    The guy giving the seminar definitely looked like he was into drugs but is not someone I would touch with a 10-foot sex pole.  His music credentialsContinue reading “I came here to tell you about the rhythms of the universe”

Usually sex gets top billing

Last night, I ran into Josh aka Dan Conway aka the orgy guy aka the part time male prostitute.  He’s now working under the name Mustafa “Bayonet” Tanaka which is pretty ballsy for a white guy.  Is ballsy the right word for what he’s doing?  The initial awkwardness generated by our last meeting soon gaveContinue reading “Usually sex gets top billing”

What’s in a name?

I watched part of the Undertaker documentary last night.  My main takeaway is that Michelle McCool looks great.  I don’t envy pretty girls often.  Shiny clothes?  Pointy shoes?  Flamboyant make-up?  Complicated underwear.  That is not for me.  But once in a while I do see a woman with a nice hairstyle and I feel jealousContinue reading “What’s in a name?”