Campus visit

Altogether I attended a couple months of high school.  A few weeks here and a few weeks there when I was at different foster homes before I quit going or ran away or both.   I’m not really qualified to judge colleges.  Having been said, I can tell you this, the campus at Cornell is muchContinue reading “Campus visit”

College of Human Ecology, Labor Relations & Dark Magic

At some point during the three hours I was sort of asleep, I saw Gary (that’s his fucking name, Gary the evil sorcerer) standing in the doorway creepily looking at me.  I could tell he was thinking about lying down next to me.  I told him if he came near me, I would twist his balls untilContinue reading “College of Human Ecology, Labor Relations & Dark Magic”

Antiques Roadshow – Magic serial killer edition

The professor asked me to meet him at his office on campus rather than his house.  I guess because he’s married.  He can’t exactly pass me off as one of his students.  Although I suppose she probably wouldn’t like it if he was bringing female students home either. Walking across campus, I wondered what percentageContinue reading “Antiques Roadshow – Magic serial killer edition”

Bed, Breakfast & Beyond (aka any person any study)

I never thought about what a bed and breakfast was.  Turns out it’s some people in a fancy house that rent you a room, or bed if you will, and make you breakfast.  It was easily the nicest place I’ve ever been.  It was just a big house I’m sure but I couldn’t stop myselfContinue reading “Bed, Breakfast & Beyond (aka any person any study)”