Bright Lights, Bug City – Part 1

If we’re being honest, and I feel that we are, outside of the wrestling arena any duo with Grace as a part of it is going to draw some stares.  Even with that considered, Grace and Christie Lane make a strange combo.  Not just because she happens to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 8Continue reading “Bright Lights, Bug City – Part 1”

Is it a tight 5 or a straight 6?

Aside from me, wrestlers travel together.  It’s a thing.  It’s a thing so hard WWE made a show about it.  Especially when you’re first starting out, you and 8 buddies all pile in a van and sleep in one hotel room like kids on spring break.  I never got into that.  Sexual assault only beingContinue reading “Is it a tight 5 or a straight 6?”

How do you quit when you have no boss?

Covered in sweet and sour sauce, Linda and I caught the bus to the Blue Room Comedy Club where she gave me a ride in her car back to the killer’s trailer to get my car.  She asked me what we would do if he was there.  I said that I’d snap his neck.  ButContinue reading “How do you quit when you have no boss?”

What’s the deal with sunglasses? Have you seen this?

I found a website where a stand-up comic talks about their travels.  I’ve heard that the life of a stand-up is a lot like the life of a wrestler.  You travel all the time.  You work shit venues.  You may or may not get paid.  You suck at it when you first start.  You’re aloneContinue reading “What’s the deal with sunglasses? Have you seen this?”