You can’t fight city hall

I’ve been working a loop for NOW! Pro Wrestling.  I got a parking ticket at a show.  The promoter told me that all I had to do was go down to the courthouse and they would take care of it since I was supposed to be there.  Normally I’d ignore something like that but sinceContinue reading “You can’t fight city hall”

Bright Lights, Bug City – Part 2

Grace and Christie followed their target to the old hospital outside of Galva Township.  The old hospital outside of Galva Township was shut down after the fire in ‘97, see with the Hammond-Henry Hospital up in Geneseo there was no longer much need for it so it wasn’t worth the cost to rebuild.  In 2019, a projectContinue reading “Bright Lights, Bug City – Part 2”

Did the car in Christine talk or what am I thinking of?

I was headed to a show in Lacrosse so I stopped in Plainview to visit Benji and Tommy.  They run a scrapyard outside of town.  We had traded a few messages after I found Dennis’s body.  We talked about that for a little bit.  It was awkward.   I wanted to visit because I had readContinue reading “Did the car in Christine talk or what am I thinking of?”