Introductory Entomology – Final

“What happened to Lance?”  42561 snorted “You didn’t hear him peeling out in his douchemobile as soon as the door opened?”  Grace shook her head “It occurs to me now that he probably has that whole thing on video.”  42561 nodded slightly “Yeaaaah . . . I don’t think that’s going to be good.”    “Did that mantis guyContinue reading “Introductory Entomology – Final”

Introductory Entomology – Part 6 – Wicked Witch of the Pest

42561 was about to ask what the plan was when Grace knocked on the door.  42561 grabbed Grace by the arm, intent on dragging her away when the door swung open .  42561 snatched her hand back like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  Does that expression even make sense anymore? Continue reading “Introductory Entomology – Part 6 – Wicked Witch of the Pest”

Introductory Entomology – Part 3

Grace and 42561 performed the ritual of finding to locate 42561’s second attacker from the morning’s incident.  For only the second time, Grace worked magic with a partner.  Grace thought about how much easier it is and wondered why everyone she meets is standoffish and afraid to share their magic knowledge.  But then she thoughtContinue reading “Introductory Entomology – Part 3”

Introductory Entomology – Part 2

Once the bone fides of the bugman were established, 42561 explained to Grace in a desperate torrent of words that she had worked a show at the casino last night.  42561 had planned on spending the morning wandering around Needles before she headed out to her next gig, but while she was doing so anContinue reading “Introductory Entomology – Part 2”

Introductory Entomology – Part 1

Grace never bothered to change her phone’s ringtone.  The vaguely electronic dance music chirping sound it emitted was the same one that it came with.  Her phone is her lifeline to the world.  It’s her source of work and entertainment both.  But she kind of hates it.    Looking at the screen she was surprised toContinue reading “Introductory Entomology – Part 1”