Examining the lives and morality of young people at the dawn of the Jazz Age

I took Alpha Chi Delta’s keys and noclipped him.  I told him his “brother” was around with food and water in the land of endless yellow walls if he could find him.    I parked his Mazda CX-5 by a trailhead.  While I was driving his car I thought that I should get a sedan or a vehicleContinue reading “Examining the lives and morality of young people at the dawn of the Jazz Age”

I bet urologists have seen worse

When I woke up Martynova was already gone.  I picked up the tailgate special from Chicken Express.  50 spicy tenders, corn on the cob, cheese sticks, mac & cheese, coleslaw, apple pie, biscuits with gravy, and 2 gallons of sweet tea for 34 bucks.  I hope some cold chicken is thanks enough for her help.  IContinue reading “I bet urologists have seen worse”

Part 7 – Smile through your fear and sorrow (j/k that’s a terrible idea)

What Cassie can tell Grace about the ring is that it’s the wedding ring of Andrea’s sister.  You guys remember her right?  She was a police detective and she found out about magic and her husband died and she got transfer to work for a fake FBI division to keep her quiet and she hadContinue reading “Part 7 – Smile through your fear and sorrow (j/k that’s a terrible idea)”

Wash your hands

I didn’t know that there were big forests in Alabama.  That sounds stupid but I thought that the Pacific Northwest was timber country.  I drove past several huge timber trucks.  I saw signs for the Alabama Loggers Council by the road.  Stella’s family’s compound is in the woods.  I knew her family was rich butContinue reading “Wash your hands”

How to make decisions

I hardly ever get asked for an autograph.  Maybe I would be more often if I sold merch.  I should get some merch.  Not because I want people to ask for my autograph.  After my show last night, a guy with bushy sideburns and a denim shirt asked for my autograph.  After I signed, heContinue reading “How to make decisions”

Operation Steel Tiger Shark

It’s hard to believe.  My plans never work.  Lance and I sat in his Lincoln Navigator outside the compound and watched the cars and trucks drive away with all the guys and guns.  Lance had drones flying around that let us see the whole place.  There were a couple old timers and some kids leftContinue reading “Operation Steel Tiger Shark”

You might leave here should others take your place 

Before I met Stella I would have told you that necromancy is using magic for creating zombies.  You know how she felt about the “z” word.  The internet defines necromancy as “the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future”.  Séances and stuff like that.  Why would dead people know the future? Continue reading “You might leave here should others take your place “

Which sounds better, cult smasher or cult breaker? Or cult basher?

I worry about going insane.  Or that I already am insane.  It’s possible that there is no such thing as magic and I’m delusional.  Shows say that delusions can result from childhood trauma but the internet says that delusions are caused brain chemistry.    Once magic is happening, how can you know if you’re losing yourContinue reading “Which sounds better, cult smasher or cult breaker? Or cult basher?”

No sell

I called Killer Kelly (not that one but the other one).  I thought she should know that I maybe knew what happened to her sister.  It was an awkward call.   I didn’t really have anything solid to tell her.  She said she was going to come to Big Thicket.  I told her that wasn’t aContinue reading “No sell”