A stitch in whatever saves the world

According to my new old man friend, if you need silver for a spell, the best way to get it is at a coin collecting store.  Dimes minted between 1916 and 1945 are 90% silver, which is enough for magic.  They cost about 3 bucks each.  Actual silverware with enough silver in it is 80-100Continue reading “A stitch in whatever saves the world”

Magical girl friendship squad

42561 and I got into it today.  I want her to change the way the thinks about magic.  Just because the bus was nothing mystical doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have stopped and looked into it.  I want her to know that there’s nothing shameful about magic.  That there’s nothing wrong with being born with aContinue reading “Magical girl friendship squad”

So other dimensions exist?

I had dragged the bed close to the closet so I could stand on it to reach the hatch.  I was leaning forward awkwardly.  I didn’t feel anything but I thought I must have fallen off the bed because my perspective changed suddenly. I didn’t fall.  I was somewhere else. There was carpet.  It wasContinue reading “So other dimensions exist?”

What? Like the back of a Volkswagen?

A few weeks ago I saw an Amber alert and I wondered if I should drive around looking for the car.  It’s been nagging at me ever since.  It finally hit me last night when I woke up to go to the bathroom.  I have fucking magic.  Of course I should do something.    To make myself feel better aboutContinue reading “What? Like the back of a Volkswagen?”

Best of Luck In Your Future Endeavors

Over the past few days I’ve filled in some blanks.  The detective had told her sister if anything ever happened and she wasn’t around for her to call me.  And she isn’t around because I got her killed.  “Anything” in this case was the father of the boy Cassie had killed finding her and kidnappingContinue reading “Best of Luck In Your Future Endeavors”

What hurt worst was the disrespect. J/K the pain was much worse.

I couldn’t sleep.  The idea that someone might be held against their will at that place was messing with me.  So I came up with a plan.  A really stupid plan.  I drove out to Havana.  When I was a couple blocks away from the club I called 911 and said that a woman wasContinue reading “What hurt worst was the disrespect. J/K the pain was much worse.”