The Heat

Running that first show in Tallahassee was the most stress I’ve ever felt in my life.  And I say that knowing that I’ve had objectively a pretty fucked up life.   That time I was worried because I knew Kim was putting his ass on the line for me.  I was worried because I knew whatContinue reading “The Heat”


When I’m working I often arrive at the venues many hours ahead of time.  It annoys me when I can’t get in, but I get it.  If you’re six hours early you can’t be surprised the place isn’t open.     In case there was anyone like me, I was at the Moon early.  Early early.  I was thereContinue reading “Showtime”

You’re an adult find your own meth!

I often hear wrestlers complaining about promoters not doing enough to advertise shows.  Now that I’m on the other side I understand a little better.  I employed my vast social media empire to flood my dozens of followers with propaganda about the show.  I contacted some local radio stations, most of which weren’t interested atContinue reading “You’re an adult find your own meth!”