I should probably learn who Tennessee Williams is

Under the cover of smoke I made my escape.  I must have been quite a sight as limped up to the rest stop bleeding from the face and legs.  The rest stop had a bunch of metal art with “inspirational” quotes.  The one I saw as I came up said “Death is one moment, and life isContinue reading “I should probably learn who Tennessee Williams is”

I thought Midwesterners were supposed to be nice

I don’t believe in God or any other sort of force that is controlling or guiding people’s actions.  I don’t think that there is a design or plan to the universe.  There’s no intelligence, benevolent or malign.    But when roadblocks keep piling up that prevent you from getting to a goal, it can feel likeContinue reading “I thought Midwesterners were supposed to be nice”

But what did you do?!

My last post generated a lot of questions.  I forget that some people really read this.  I’m not a professional writer.  Give me a break.    What did I do?  That’s the main question people asked.  In wrestling there’s a tradition of ribbing.  As in joking.  Traditional wrestling ribs include things like putting sugar in someone’sContinue reading “But what did you do?!”

The amazingly incarcerated Grace

This is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting.  After that time Bloody Mary bashed my skull in was only 17 days I think. On the way to Chicago, I worked a boatshow in Jonesboro.  Not a good sidetrack.  I didn’t even get paid.  Normally that would be the worst thing that happened to me, but thenContinue reading “The amazingly incarcerated Grace”

No you add a title

As Milham and I talked, he got hungry and ordered a pie from BJ’s Pizza.  He was on the phone with them for a legit 30 minutes, which is a hard 28 minutes longer than you need to be on the phone to order a pizza.  When the kid showed up on his e-scooter withContinue reading “No you add a title”

Lawyers, Guns & Money

Milham gave me a history on the staff.  He couldn’t confirm if everything Eugenia and Cori said was true, but he could confirm that they probably didn’t make it all up.  He said that Crane made the staff in New Orleans by way of blood magic sacrifice.  The stuff they said about him killing allContinue reading “Lawyers, Guns & Money”

The Shine

The interior of Rook Takes Pawnshop was not what I expected.  It’s a big space and most of it is empty.  There are a couple cases with jewelry in them and a lot more swords than I was expecting.  Who’s pawning all these swords?   Milham walked back to an office that was ridiculously small comparedContinue reading “The Shine”

Idyll hands

I never know what to do with my hands when I’m having a conversation.  If you cross your arms you seem angry.  If you stick your hands in your pockets you seem schlubby.  So I’m left dangling them at my sides awkwardly. That’s why I like a Denny’s conversation.  You’ve got food to keep yourContinue reading “Idyll hands”

I’m not the one who’s so far away

I’ve never been to a pawnshop before.  I’ve never owned much to pawn.  I drive by them a lot and they never look open.  They never have any parking either.  They seem to be a storefront right out on the edge of the street. Rook Takes Pawnshop isn’t like those others I’ve driven by, itContinue reading “I’m not the one who’s so far away”

The end of the tour

I thought the NVC had agreed to wait for me but they no-showed Lubbock.  I thought that Chadd 2 Badd would have been pissed off about that but he didn’t seem to care.  He said that he was surprised that they bothered to show up at any of the events he booked.  He said theContinue reading “The end of the tour”