Magical Minority Person

How racist is it of me that I’m less surprised by someone with a Chinese background believing in magic?  Some.    Andrea’s sister.  Waldrum and Berner.  Now Henry Fong.  I wonder how many cops are out there who either know, or could be easily convinced based on what they’re seen, about magic and don’t talk aboutContinue reading “Magical Minority Person”

Here I go again with the religious stuff

Last night I wrestled Tarana Rum Punch in Republic Missouri.  Since I was in the area I stopped in Springfield to see how Linda is doing.  She said that her experience, being kidnapped and almost dying and finding out that magic is real, helped her to be born again in the Christian faith.  Genuinely religiousContinue reading “Here I go again with the religious stuff”

Another doubleteam, I could see Dennis Rodman being in this one too

Backstage last night Neptune Morris and Dr. Perces huddled together were watching nun porn on an iPad.  It reminded me of the time I was riding the bus and the guy in front of me was watching porn on this phone.  If you’re not jerking off what’s the point?  Are they looking for new uncomfortableContinue reading “Another doubleteam, I could see Dennis Rodman being in this one too”

Do you even lift?

Once I got home Martynova Sushchenko and I sat on the porch drinking vodka with cranberry and lime.  She was smoking and I realized for the first time what a strange thing to do that is for a personal trainer/athlete.  When I asked her about that she said that it was a good thing weContinue reading “Do you even lift?”

The comeback

I don’t like noclipping.  I haven’t figured out how to control where I show up come back to the real world.  I don’t even know if it’s possible to control that.  What if I come back and I’m in Peru?  Or in the middle of the ocean?    I need learn more about this spell butContinue reading “The comeback”

Anti-climax 3 – The Climaxening

The Redacted City Power Suit Gang isn’t happy.  Even though I brought them back baseball boy without any violence or publicity, which is what they wanted.  I should have lied about bringing in more help.  I assured them that a mechanic in Iowa, a drunk old pawnbroker in Louisiana, and another wrestler on the roadContinue reading “Anti-climax 3 – The Climaxening”

Magical gender neutral friendship squad

I’m going to blow your minds.  Magic is cool.  I never want to forget that. Dany came down from Iowa City.  42561 came over after a show in Saint Louis.  I was surprised but that but even more surprising Milham came over from Lafyette.  When I asked why he came out of his hidey-hole heContinue reading “Magical gender neutral friendship squad”

The one where I solve a bunch of crimes

On shows buddy cops up are more than just brothers.  They’re closer to their partner than they are their wife or kids.  No one else understands what they’ve been through.  They’re non-sexual soulmates. They’ll do anything for each other.  When I was having lunch with Waldrum and Berner they looked at each other at oneContinue reading “The one where I solve a bunch of crimes”

There’s no money in monsters kid

Waldrum and Berner were surprised by my display.  Not surprised enough.  When I asked them about it they said, as best I can remember, this is not word for word; “Certain parts around here are . . .” they looked each other “. . . are what? Dangerous?  Diseased? Haunted? No one wants to putContinue reading “There’s no money in monsters kid”