The first rule of outlaw fight club is tweet about outlaw fight club daily

I’ve worked for a lot of companies with dumb names.  There are only so many different combinations of Championship and Wrestling you can put together.  I’ve never worked for OMEGA but I like that name.  The worst I think I’ve worked for was named Champions Championship Wrestling.  Last night I worked for Outlaw Fight ClubContinue reading “The first rule of outlaw fight club is tweet about outlaw fight club daily”

I wonder if Amway would sponsor a wrestler

I’ve been thinking lately about incorporating a fireball into my act.  I don’t know if anyone does this anymore since Hulk Hogan fucked up the whole thing in WCW.  I see a table set on fire and someone thrown on the table sometimes, but I’ve never see anyone throw a fireball.  I believe this isContinue reading “I wonder if Amway would sponsor a wrestler”

Kayfabe news already used the title I wanted

My car started.  I missed the Silver City show.  I missed a chance to see Eterno.  I don’t know how to feel about that really. On the topic of anti-climaxes.  A few people in the comments have complained that there was no resolution to the diner outside of Macon.  I don’t know what to tellContinue reading “Kayfabe news already used the title I wanted”

The only thing real in wrestling is the miles

My car broke down today.  It’s 24 years old.  The odometer was broken when I bought it but it was over 400,000 miles whenever it stopped worked.  I regularly drive over a thousand miles a week.  I’ve had it about nine months.  I don’t know anything about cars or maintaining them.  Oil change is allContinue reading “The only thing real in wrestling is the miles”

The T stands for Thunder

I listened to an old interview with Bad News Allen and he was talking about how what helped him is not being a mark for the business.  As long as he got paid, he didn’t care about losing or looking bad.  I nodded along in the car thinking “yeah, that’s what I got going forContinue reading “The T stands for Thunder”

Snozz? Knackered? Kip?

That British dude I mentioned before was at the show I worked last night.  I may not have this word for word, but here’s what he said on the mic – “Step up my lad and I will take you on a sailing trip and you will not like what’s under the mizzen.  I’ll runContinue reading “Snozz? Knackered? Kip?”

The once and future milf

I saw a tweet a while back from Mickie James saying she wanted to start calling herself the Monday Night Milf.  She would never be allowed to do that of course because it might offend someone and professional wrestling is all about being prim and proper and not pushing anyone’s buttons.  I’ll never be inContinue reading “The once and future milf”

Whenever anyone says “no offense” they usually say something awful so I won’t say that

One thing I never expected to see in the wrestling biz is the current of Christianity running through it.  One of my foster families was really into Jesus and a couple of others were going through the motions, but half of them didn’t say word one about the big man with the beard.  It’s notContinue reading “Whenever anyone says “no offense” they usually say something awful so I won’t say that”

TL;DR (the blackout special)

I kept writing the start of this as “sorry I haven’t posted for a while” but I’m not sorry.  I don’t know why people always say sorry for everything.  A couple of concerned people did post in the comments asking where I was and if I was okay.  Several more unconcerned people made less pleasantContinue reading “TL;DR (the blackout special)”

Not going to lie, this one got away from me

WWE decided to bring back squash matches a while back.  They’re supposed to make the squasher look strong but I can’t imagine anyone buys into that these days.  One guy they brought in to squash was James Elsworth.  James Elsworth is an ugly little dude but that doesn’t make him a bad person.  At thatContinue reading “Not going to lie, this one got away from me”