Grace’s ghost-grabbers renewed for season 2

I thought we were headed back to Buffalo today.  KBD had other ideas.   

To keep the trip from being “a complete waste” she set up a necromancy gig in Clarksdale.  When I asked her how someone goes about booking her for necromancy for pay she told me that if she gave me that information she’d have to kill me with a big smile on her face.   

It’s a miracle that I haven’t punched this girl.  A god damn miracle.   

She drove for once.  The tradeoff was that she blasted me with Danish death metal the entire way.  I don’t really have a genre of music I like.  Now I have one for sure that I don’t like.

When we got to The Vineyard Mansion & Carriage House Bread & Breakfast she told me to stay in the car while she made some “real money”.  I was doomscrolling and only a little thinking about stealing her car when KBD came back out and leaned against my window like a waitress from a drive-in restaurant in and old movie.  I almost thought she was going to call me sugar.   

“Kay . . . so . . . small problem.” 

She told me that gig was to call up the spirit of a dude’s dead wife so they could chat.  Only the wrong spirit showed up and the exorcist she had on stand-by can’t get rid of it.  I asked her what she wanted me to do about it.   

“Well the spirit is asking for you by name . . . is the thing” was her response “Your name is Grace right?” she said it like she really wasn’t sure.   

Of course it was asking for me by name.   

Of course. 

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