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After I left it occurred to me that I never considered if Jackie was actually capable of reading minds.  Does that mean I’m getting jaded?  Doesn’t seem good whatever it means.

I called Jackie’s contact who he said that his necromancy consulting fee is $800/hour.  When I said I couldn’t afford that and he hung up.  I called back to say that maybe I could help him with something instead of paying him with money, bartering, and  he said that he could tell but the sound of my voice that I wasn’t capable of doing anything worth $800.  OUCH.

I would have let it go at that point if I hadn’t seen a picture of him and Stella together while I was stalking him online.  Picture looked like they were somewhere warm.  It’s weird to see Stella wearing beach clothes instead of her lazy hipster goth witch outfit.  And with a tan.  Wherever it was it looked like they were having a great time.  They had colorful drinks with “fun” straws in them.

After that he wouldn’t pick up when I called him so I popped over to Buffalo to stalk him in person.  I know I’ve said this before but social media makes it so easy to find people.  How did serial killers get anything done in the old days?   So much legwork.

I hung around outside at the clothing place he owns.  A place that makes clothes not a place that sells them.  Well, they sell them to stores after they make them.  I could see him through the window up in his office looking pissed all morning. 

I followed him when he left to hit the kabab place up the road.  He’s gained a ton of weight since he and Stella were living it up.  And he’s a lot paler.  But I recognized him.   

I sat down across from him and said that I didn’t have 800 bucks but I would cover lunch.  He looked up from his phone long enough to say that I had five minutes.  I told him about the maybe zombie heroin smuggler.  His response? 

“There’s no way to know what’s going on without taking a look at her.  And if you can’t afford 800 bucks you sure as my big dick can’t afford to fly me out to bumfuck Indiana to consult.” 

When I responded that Buffalo wasn’t exactly Paris he told me my five minutes were up.  I asked him how he knew Stella.  His face got angry for a moment then it softened.  He said they worked together a few times but he doesn’t do that kind of work anymore.  When I asked him what stuff he meant he ignored me and asked me if I knew who killed her. 

“Yeah” I said “I beat his head in with a hammer.” 

He looked at me for a minute and then grunted “Good”.   

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