Falling down

I tried my finding spell on the Hong Kong necromancer.  Then I tried to stop it because I got incredibly dizzy.  I couldn’t.  It was like the energy was being pulled out of me.  I got so off balance that I fell.  Fell like a normal person.  I know how to fall.  That’s my job. Continue reading “Falling down”

Fraid of no ghost

I figured there was a 90% change the spirit was going to be Eterno.  Or the spirit that was possessing Eterno.  I never figured out what was going on there.    I figured there was a 10% chance it was going to be the ghost of someone I got killed.  Even though the Professor and KBDContinue reading “Fraid of no ghost”

Grace’s ghost-grabbers renewed for season 2

I thought we were headed back to Buffalo today.  KBD had other ideas.    To keep the trip from being “a complete waste” she set up a necromancy gig in Clarksdale.  When I asked her how someone goes about booking her for necromancy for pay she told me that if she gave me that information she’dContinue reading “Grace’s ghost-grabbers renewed for season 2”

Another AG non-happy sort of ending

Whenever I tell someone about magic it never goes well.  I thought back to when I first saw Obaluaiye do magic.  How I felt.  I thought I was losing my mind.  I got over it.  Maybe that’s because I was able to do magic.  Maybe that made it palatable.      Maybe telling people about itContinue reading “Another AG non-happy sort of ending”

Ghost-grabbers with Grace

KBD said that she could unmake the spell that’s keeping T8 an animated undead monster but it would take several hours.  She also said if I wanted her to do that it would cost me a grand.  When I told her that I couldn’t afford that she said to get it from the girl’s family. Continue reading “Ghost-grabbers with Grace”

RIP Stella

Stella taught me that zombies are people who are alive and well but have had their minds overthrown by magic incantation.  The look like they’re dead sometimes because it’s real bad for your health.  What most people call “zombies” are merely animated corpses.    I asked KBD if T8 had been brought back to life likeContinue reading “RIP Stella”

Money well spent

Getting into prison was way easier than I thought that it would be.  It shouldn’t be that easy.  Maybe they don’t worry about women’s prisons as much.  I’ve never heard of a female escaped convict.    I didn’t want to contact T8’s family for help.  I didn’t want to give them the false hope that IContinue reading “Money well spent”

I thought it was Romero

The compromise reached with Kebab daughter is that we’re going drive but we’ll do it in her car.  A 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio.    I didn’t like the way she tossed the keys at me like I’m her servant.  I did want to drive though so I didn’t say shit about it.  It’s a hell ofContinue reading “I thought it was Romero”

23 & Magic

Once I had the money Kebab-man dispatched one of his daughters to help me investigate.  He said he couldn’t do it because he’s too old to be doing magic anymore.   Once he realized that his skills were declining he taught his daughters magic so they could carry out his bidding.  I said he didn’t lookContinue reading “23 & Magic”

Ask about our high pressure sales techniques

When he was doing his bitter old wizard routine Huddie told me that magic is pointless because spending 20 years to learn a spell to make light is stupid when you can buy a flashlight.  He’s wrong about that, but he’s also kind of right.    I found the contact information for some of the professor’sContinue reading “Ask about our high pressure sales techniques”