I was tempted to call Stella’s mom for a necromancy consult.  But not very much.  Ultimately I decided it was a bad idea.  Terrible idea.  I tried to remember everything Stella told me about what she was doing the night we met.  I couldn’t recall much.  Either she never told me the exact details or I don’t remember them. 

What I do remember is that someone hired her to make not-zombies for them.  She said that it wasn’t the first time either.  This means there exists a criminal element that knows about zombies and knows how to contract having them made. 

Sounds like the kind of lead that would be helpful in tracking down what happened with T8 doesn’t it?  If this was a movie Henry Fong would have a buddy on the force in Gary who he went to the academy with.   That friend would work in the gang unit and he’d tell us all about which gangs we’d need to look at for zombie stuff.  Henry and I could track it from there. 

It would be terribly exciting.  There would be gunplay.  Henry Fong would have to rescue me because I’m a girl but maybe I would do something small to save him in the end also because it’s the 2020s. 

If this was a movie Henry would also give a fuck about this situation.  He may have a friend in the gang unit in Gary but I don’t know because he stopped caring about this.  I was telling him about Stella and he interrupted me to say it didn’t matter because T8 is going to prison for 20 years.

When I told him that we could at least try to free her from whatever’s spell the Stone Faced Man was using on her he declared that he didn’t believe any of it anyway.  Magic isn’t real.  T8 is just a drug mule and a liar and he doesn’t give a shit. 

Why the fuck did he bring me into this in the first place if he was going to fucking bail?  Asshole.

After Henry ditched me I called Milham.   He claims to know people so I thought be might be able to point me to another expert.  He said that all the necromancers he knew were dead.  Is that irony?  I called Huddie for the same reason and he told me to fuck off and die.  But he did answer.

I need a deeper roster of bitter old magic dudes. 

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