People who died

Henry told me we had to go to Gatesville to speak with the girlfriend’s cousin’s hairdresser’s boyfriend’s niece’s friend.  I will give her the codename T8.  What Henry didn’t tell me is that she’s in the prison in Gatesville. 

What the fuck is wrong with everyone?  Why don’t they tell me things?  This isn’t a movie.  You don’t have to build drama for a reveal.  Just tell me we’re going to a woman’s prison.  He told me on the drive over and I asked him if it was going to be a problem getting me in because I have a criminal record.  He acted like that was a stupid question. 

Henry and I are not getting off on a good foot.

What Henry, or anyone else, also didn’t tell me is that T8 is in prison because she’s been arrested for smuggling heroin from Hong Kong.  Being involved in heroin trafficking seems like plenty of reason to act strange to me.  At that point I figured that this was a shaggy dog story and there was no magic going on.  I wondered if the Hong Kong police saying she had been killed was part of a scam they were trying to run to catch the traffickers.  Not sure what they would be by the police are tricky.

Once we got into the prison visiting room and I got a look at her I changed my mind.  I could tell something wasn’t right with her.  This won’t make any sense because it doesn’t make any sense but she looked hollow.  I felt like if I reached out and touched her skin it would crinkle inwards like wrapping paper around nothing. 

She acted like someone who was heavily drugged.  The guards pretty much carried her in and set her down and then she was just there like a lump.  She didn’t say anything when Henry and I tried to talk to her.  After a minute Henry made an impatient “get on with it” gesture. 

I wish I could assense like Milham or Royale.  In his notes Royale talks about that being the cornerstone of magical learning.  So why didn’t he teach me that first?  Being able to see what’s going on with people’s magic auras would make things a lot easier.

Instead I had to have Henry convince the guards to let us go to the chapel and “pray” together so I could touch her hand and cast a cleansing spell.  I don’t feel good about it.  I think I’m already on shaky ground with Jesus if he exists.  If you exist Jesus I hope you take into account that I’m trying to help.

I didn’t actually think it would do anything, I just didn’t know what else to do.  Surprisingly it seemed to make her lucid so maybe she was drugged.  She asked where she was.  We asked her what was going on.

“I died” she said.

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