Magical Minority Person

How racist is it of me that I’m less surprised by someone with a Chinese background believing in magic?  Some.   

Andrea’s sister.  Waldrum and Berner.  Now Henry Fong.  I wonder how many cops are out there who either know, or could be easily convinced based on what they’re seen, about magic and don’t talk about it?  Probably a lot.  First responders are the ones who are going to run into this shit more than anyone else. 

Henry Fong is super-fast talker so I had a little bit of hard time following what he was saying .  The gist of it is that his girlfriend’s cousin’s hairdresser’s boyfriend’s niece asked him to check up on a friend of hers because he’s a cop and people ask him to do stuff like check up on people.  She went on a trip to Hong Kong.  While she was there the Hong Kong police called her parents and said that she had been killed in a car accident.   

Three days later she shows up at the airport and is calling her parents wonders why no one is there to pick her up.  No big deal, horrible, but the Hong Kong police made some kind of mistake.  Only problem is that the girlfriend’s cousin’s hairdresser’s boyfriend’s niece’s friend isn’t acting right since she came back from her trip.   

She sits and stares at nothing most of the time.  One day they find her eating raw meat out of a bowl.  Another time she tries to drink bleach.  Not in a “I’m trying to kill myself way” just sat down to breakfast and poured herself a glass of bleach.  She’s crazy nearsighted without contacts or glasses but now she won’t wear them.   

It kind of sounded like what was going on with Red Rose’s sister.  Some kind of magic mind fuckery.   

Long story short, the owners of the Triple 8’s told Henry the story of how I appeared out of thin air one day and knocked over their server and he kept that information in his back pocket in case I ever showed up again.   He said that he needed my magical consultation on the girlfriend’s cousin’s hairdresser’s boyfriend’s niece’s friend

After he told me all this I asked him why he believed what they told him about me, why he believed in magic but he wouldn’t say.  Fucking typical. 

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