Do you even lift?

Once I got home Martynova Sushchenko and I sat on the porch drinking vodka with cranberry and lime.  She was smoking and I realized for the first time what a strange thing to do that is for a personal trainer/athlete.  When I asked her about that she said that it was a good thing we met so I could use my magic to heal her if she ever gets lung cancer.   

Once thing I appreciate about Martynova Sushchenko is her capacity for companionable silence.  She’s not interested in a lot of chit-chat.  Which I like.  After a while she did say something.  She that she had seen my video.  I assumed that she meant one of my matches.  She did not.  Instead she showed me a video from a gym in Louisville. 

A few months ago I was curious to see how much I could lift with 42561’s strength spell.  The plates at the gym were a total of 300 pounds so that’s what I was lifting.  With the spell going it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard either.  Without magic I lift 100.  I didn’t realize anyone was paying attention to me.  I certainly didn’t realize that anyone was recording me.  Is that legal?  It’s definitely against N-Vious Body rules.  They had a sign up.

The title of the video was “check out this bitch”.  Nice. 

With a sip and a puff Martynova Sushchenko had another thing to say.  That I need to be more careful.  I told her that was probably true but that everyone in the comments said it was fake anyway.  And even if they didn’t think it was fake no one’s next leap of logic would be “magic.” 

She gave me the mysterious Russian eyes and said that was only the people that left a comment that think it’s fake, that it’s the one that didn’t say anything I need to worry about.   

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