Plié and Relevé

Martynova did come back with a hammer.  I couldn’t go through with it.  Maybe it was because of the hammer.  Brought back bad memories.  Maybe if she had come back with a screwdriver I would have tortured a man.  I don’t like to think about that.    After I declined her off she sat on the porch smokingContinue reading “Plié and Relevé”


If anyone ever thought about magic being real most people would assume that you have to be smart to do it.  In fantasy stories wizards are old and wise.  They have old busy wisdom beards so you know.  They have to go magic school for hundreds of years.  They live in towers, the smartest kind ofContinue reading “S-M-R-T”

Hot in Abilene

I don’t know anyone believed my bounty hunter story or if they didn’t care, or if they all went back inside to call the cops, but no one came out to do anything in response me choking out their apartment manager.  Once he was out I went into the apartment and saw Rose Red’s sister slumped overContinue reading “Hot in Abilene”

Goodluck the Somali Juggalo Bounty Hunter Episode 1

Rose Red shares an apartment with GoodLuck Johnny the Somali Scourge.  Does that mean he is Somali or that he scourges Somalis?  He looked like a white dude to me.  There can’t be an anti-Somali gimmick can there?    After I got out of the shower Johnny GoodLuck was in the living room playing video games with MasterContinue reading “Goodluck the Somali Juggalo Bounty Hunter Episode 1”