I think emergency whistle is the preferred nomenclature

Okay.  Approaching Kaisey on campus wasn’t the best idea.  I thought that she would be less likely to make a scene with a bunch of people around.  She went the other way. 

In fairness to myself going in I didn’t plan on doing anything other than talking to her.  When I saw that she had a necklace on just like the murderer currently banished maybe outside of space and time I lost my cool.  The sight of those stupid skulls is like a burning coal suddenly being shoved in my mouth.  I hate these things.   

I told her I was going to have to take it.  She did not hesitate  She tried to do some magic on me. It didn’t work but that’s a stone cold response I have to admit.  Thank you for teaching me personal wards Mr. Petticord, you miserable old goat.  

What did work very well is when she started in with the rape whistle.  I don’t know anything else about Lubbock Christian University but the student body there is serious about responding to a rape whistle.  By the time I had the necklace over her head three dudes were there looking confused but also ready to do something. 

I wasn’t concerned.  I should be able to get away from three random college dudes.  When two campus security guys showed up that didn’t concern me either.  I had 42561’s agility and speed spell going.  I should have left them in the dust no problem.  Instead I hit the ground like a wet sack of dog crap because my legs seized up.  Paralysis.   

Kaisey was standing at a distance in a classic “I just threw some magic at you” pose.  When the five guys jumped on me I figured I was in trouble.  When the cops were suddenly there and hit me with the pepper spray I knew it was over.   

As they were cuffing me I wondered why my wards protected me from her first spell was but not the second.  I should learn shit like that. 

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